Pole - Finder

Here you can find the best pole to suit your needs. First, consider whether the pole should be:

1. Static only (non-spinning) →
Static Poles are especially suitable for beginners and intermediate dancers, because almost no centrifugal forces occure, and they are cheaper due to simpler technology.

2. Spinning and Static →
Spinning poles are primarily designed for intermediate, advanced and professional dancers. The spinning poles sold here can be transformed into static in one simple step. Therefore they are suitable for beginners and pros alike and are more versatile than the simple static dancing poles.

3. Free standing →
Free Standing Stage Poles have the lowest demands on the site and location. Free standing poles do not need a ceiling and is stabilized by a broad base. These poles are designed for maximum stability and are suitable for outdoors and places where there is no possibility to install a standard pole installed based on tension. All freestanding stage poles are switchable between rotating (spinning) and static.


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